General Purpose – Miniature radiometric PI thermal imaging cameras with interchangeable lenses suitable for R&D, quality control and condition monitoring applications. Extensive ready to use package for a very attractive price which includes versatile image processing software and connection cables.

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Industrial Thermal Imaging Cameras

Optris PI640 VGA Thermal Imaging Camera


Industrial Thermal Imaging Cameras

Optris PI200 / PI230 Bi-Spectral Imager

Industrial Thermal Imaging Cameras

Optris PI160 High Speed Thermal Imager

Our range of Industrial Thermal Imaging Cameras

Optris PI Thermal Imaging Cameras

Optris PI Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras are proven in a wide range of applications and lend themselves to Research and Development, Process Improvement, Condition Monitoring and Quality Control.

The miniature, rugged design allows the cameras to be embedded temporarily or permanently in the toughest of environments with radiometric thermal data being recorded at up 120 times per second. Plug-and-play functionality means the cameras can be up and running extremely quickly without any knowledge of computer configuration or networking although we do also have the capability to connect via Ethernet if desired. Built in process interfaces allow easy integration with your process and provide various inputs and outputs to control your process, or your process to control the camera.

Our thermal analysis software, PIX Connect, is a market leader and is provided at no extra charge with your camera. It is completely license free so your colleagues can share the cameras too. It is easy to use and feature rich enabling you to learn more about your process as quickly as possible. Line scanning functionality is built in. No longer do you need to purchase and expensive, purpose built line scanner. We can do it all in one easy to use system.

As the UK distributor for Optris PI infrared cameras, Process Parameter’s experienced engineers can help you with camera selection and product support both before and after a sale.