Optris Xi – Small, sized rugged cameras with motorised focus. Extensive ready to use package for a very attractive price which includes versatile image processing software and connection cables.

Optris Xi Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras are an exciting new development in the field of temperature measurement and finally brings the benefits of thermal imaging to traditional measurement applications.

The ability to gain knowledge and act on more data points has never been so easy. Using contact sensors such as Thermocouples, or even non-contact pyrometers can only ever give one measurement per sensor. Imagine having the ability to monitor at least 6400 measurement points all from one sensor. Now you can!

The Optris Xi series bridges the gap between single spot infrared pyrometers and full blown thermal imaging camera systems. The Xi cameras are surprisingly good value for money starting at less than £1000 and enable more users than ever to adopt this fantastic technology.

Process parameters XI 80 radiometric camera has a hot spot feature to track temperatures quickly and efficiently.

XI-80 Thermal Imaging Camera

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Industrial Thermal Imaging Cameras

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The optris xi series

The Optris Xi series are miniature stainless steel bodied cameras ideal for mounting into almost any machine environment. They are designed for permanent installation in order to provide condition monitoring and quality control  temperature measurement.

In the simplest form they can be used to monitor equipment for faults and provide an alarm in the case of an over temperature.

The array of pixels allows temperature measurement of production machines as never before. Rather than basing quality control decisions on just one measurement, it is now possible to use many thousands of data points for this process.

Built in process interfaces allow easy system integration, providing either alarm outputs or industry standard 4-20mA signals to your process control equipment. Connection via USB or Ethernet is provided and in the case of the Xi80, fully autonomous operation without the use of a PC is possible.

Thermal Imaging in Electronics Industry