Nokeval RMD680/RMD681 16/8 channel universal input transmitter with analog and RS-485 serial output


What are the differences between the RMD680/RMD681 16/8 Channels?


RMD680 – 16 Channel

The RMD680 Multichannel transmitter has been designed for applications where lots of inputs have to be measured and transferred economically either to PC or PLC. The transmitter has 16 input channels, which can be programmed individually for different sensors. Measurement rate is 12 channels per second. Measurements can be read either by serial interface RS-485 using Modbus RTU or Nokeval SCL protocol or with one analog output.

RMD681 – 8 Channel

The RMD681 is an 8 channel measurement unit for temperature sensors and process inputs. The unit has both one analog and serial outputs. The analog output can be selected among the input channels using digital inputs. Every channel has two alarm levels controlling two common alarm relays. The inputs are galvanically isolated from the outputs and the supply voltage, but not from each other. Configuration can be done also with serial RS485 bus.

Input Details

Inputs: V, mA, mV, thermocouples, Pt100, Pt1000,KTY83, Ohm
Input Channels: 8 (RMD681) and 16 (RMD680)
Measuring Rate: 12…25 channels

Output Details

Special Functions: Binary input selects measurement channel to output
Output Channels: 1
Outputs: mA, V
Alarm Relays: 2

Connection Details

Connection Model: 1.5mm², detachable
Bus Interface: RS-485
Bus Protocol: Nokeval SCL, Modbus RTU
Baud Rates: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600

Display Details

Display Colour: Red
Number of Digits: 5 + 2
Display: 7 segment LED
Digit Size: 7 mm
Indicator Lights: configuration state, alarms, serial communication and fault

Power Supply

Current Consumption: <100mA
Supply Voltage: 24VDC- 20…28VDC

General Information

Weight: 320 g
Installation: 35mm DIN rail
Dimensions (WHD): 150x 100x 60mm
Minimum Ambient Temperature: -10°C
Maximum Ambient Temperature: 60°C
Case Material: Plastic

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