The only fully radiometric flight thermography on the market

Infrared images and videos from the air – recorded by drones, UAVs and other flying objects – are becoming increasingly important in industrial maintenance. In some cases, the cost savings compared to existing applications are enormous. The relaunched Optris PI LightWeight, a kit consisting of a weight-reduced infrared camera and an equally light mini PC now ensures even better flight thermography. When asked about the enhancement, Torsten Czech, engineer and Product Marketing Manager at Optris, declared that “customer requirements and the latest technological developments have helped shape the second PI LightWeight generation”.

Fully radiometric infrared video recordings

The Optris PI LightWeight is still the only system on the market which produces fully radiometric video recordings. The recordings can be started and stopped via remote control and subsequently edited. The system has a special interface for visual GoPro cameras. USB GPS modules are also supported and the geographical coordinates saved in each single image. The infrared camera and the mini PC have a total weight of only 380 grams.

Higher resolution and large optical selection

The new PI LightWeight can be fitted with the camera models Optris PI 450 (382 x 288 px) or the VGA camera  Optris PI 640 (640 x 480 px). Video recordings of up to 80 Hz in QVGA resolution and up to 125 Hz in VGA sub-frame mode (640 x 120 px) are possible. The unlicensed analysis software PI Connect can be used to extract and analyse sharp single images from the video data. The cameras are powered via USB from the mini PC and have a spectral range of 7.5 to 13 µm. In addition, four different optics can be selected for each model, depending on requirements.


Optris PI LightWeight for flight thermography

The optris PI LightWeight has been especially designed for aerial thermographic inspections. Mounted on a UAV, the optris PI Lightweight allows recording of radiometric IR images and videos. The flight thermography system is therefore eminently suitable for error detection and quality inspections of solar farms and wind power systems. The innovative combination of a lightweight mini PC and a thermal imaging camera is also ideally suited for thermographic analyses of hard-to-reach places like roofs of buildings (building thermography) and it is already in use in agriculture where fields are being inspected before being mowed (presence detection)



• Full radiometric IR inspection with up to 640×480 pixels
• 380 g two-piece design: independent additional use of the IR camera with any
Windows PC or tablet PC
• Real-time radiometric onboard recordings to USB 3.0 flash drive (32 Hz / VGA or
125 Hz / VGA sub-frame mode)
• GPS and GoPro support
• Extensive analysis software PI Connect included
• Remote recording control and switching between VIS / IR live video
• Cost-free field updates of the Recording Box software