Optris - German manufacturers of high quality innovative infra red temperature sensors and thermometers.

Process Parameters has been appointed Sole UK distributor by Optris for the high quality range of Infrared Temperature Sensors and Thermometers from Optris GmbH. This new range of products allows to us to offer non-contact temperature measurement for the first time and compliments our own range of contact sensors such as Thermocouples and Platinum Resistance Thermometers.

The range of products from Optris is broad and includes Hand Held Thermometers, Compact On-Line Sensors and Thermal Imaging Cameras.

We are confident that the Optris product range continues our association with products that are innovative, high quality but give excellent value for money. We have shown already that the Optris product range is extremely competitively priced and as the range is engineered and manufactured in Germany you can be sure of a highly reliable product for your process.

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