Thermocouple connectors are perfect for connecting thermocouple probes to extension or compensating cables. Each connector have polarised pins to ensure correct connection. Process Parameters offer an extensive range of connectors for use with both Thermocouples and Platinum Resistance Thermometers. The range consists of Miniature and Standard sizes in two pin or three pin available to suit temperature ranges of 200 deg C, 350 deg C and 650 deg C. Process Parameters can support your connector requirements whatever the design.

Miniature, Standard Connectors & Thermocouple Panel Mount

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Where to use Thermocouple Connectors?

A thermocouple connector can be used in many different scenarios. In most cases you will see a connector attached directly to the end of the thermocouple sheath or on the end of a thermocouple cable. Depending on what the ambient temperature is when using a thermocouple plug or socket will stipulate whether to use a standard plastic, thermo plastic or ceramic body. To ensure the correct temperature readings you must ensure that you use the correct thermocouple type and a connector with the correct material pins. As an example, if you have a green cable with type K conductors then be sure to use, say, a miniature type K Thermocouple connector.

What colour thermocouple connector should I use?

All thermocouple connectors come colour coded for easy identification. Please see IEC colour coding below:

Type K = Green
Type T = Brown
Type J = Black
Type N = Pink
Type R/S = Orange
Type E = Purple
Copper = White

All of our connectors are available to suit various temperature ranges and in different designs. If you are unsure of your requirements then please contact us.

Thermocouple Connectors Panel Mount

Panel mounted sockets are available for both miniature flat pin and standard round pin sizes. In most circumstances they are rated below 220 deg c but adaptors for the high temperature and ceramic bodies are available to suit. The thermocouple socket comes complete with a strong panel mount along with 2 screws to ensure a tight fit.

Miniature Panle Mounted Type K Thermocouple Connector
Panel Mount Thermocouple Connector