Mineral Insulated RTD Probe - PPL13-P

Our Mineral Insulated RTD Probe PPL13-P temperature sensor is similar to our PPL1 style sensor but due to its construction is suitable for higher temperature applications. It is suitable for the measurement of liquids and gases across a wide temperature range. All sensors are made to order so it is generally possible to meet all of your requirements.

The plain stem of the probe is made from your choice of material which includes stainless steel or Inconel 600. The tip is TIG welded closed to give a pressure tight housing for the sensor. Many metric and imperial probe diameters are available from 3mm upwards.

One of the main advantages of the mineral insulated construction is the flexibility of the probe stem which means that it can easily be shaped on site to fit you application, perhaps to fit around the inside wall of an oven. There is also greater flexibility on the length on the probe over the fabricated styles. Probes of many metres long are commonly manufactured and these are supplied coiled for easy transportation.

We stock a range of cables for use in our sensor manufacturing from low cost PVC to high performance PTFE (Teflon) and high temperature glass fibre insulations. We can cover almost any requirement whether this is low or high temperature or other environmental considerations such as moisture ingress protection or protection against corrosive substances.

The PPL13-P is ideal for use with compression fittings or our PPL50-TW  pocket making them easy to install in your process. The PPL13 is also available as a thermocouple sensor.

We offer a comprehensive calibration service and a wide choice of accessories.

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PPL13 mineral insulated Platinum Resistance Thermometer RTD

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  • Mineral Insulated Thermometer with Flying Lead
  • Operating Temperatures up to 600°C
  • Bend to Shape
  • Fast Response Sensor
  • Ideal for Very Long Probes
  • Available in Small Diameters
  • UKAS or Traceable Calibration Available.
Sensor Type: Platinum Resistance Thermometer—Pt100 or Pt1000.
Other types available—please enquire.
Operating Range : -200 to +600°C
Sheath Material: 316 stainless steel or Inconel 600
Tolerance Band: Class B, Class A, 1/3 DIN, 1/5 DIN or 1/10 DIN
Wiring System: 2, 3 or 4 wire, Simplex or Duplex
Lead Types: A – PVC/PVC Screened (-10 to +105°C)
B – Silicone Rubber Unscreened (-60 to +180°C)
C – PTFE/PTFE Screened (-200 to +250°C)
D – Glass Fibre Stainless Steel Overbraid (0 to 350°C)
(Other cables available upon request).