Optris CT 1M/2M Mini IR Sensor for High Temperature Metals

The Optris CT 1M/2M is a miniaturised pyrometer with programmable electronics box which is specifically sensitive to very short wavelength infrared making it ideal for the non-contact temperature measurement of metals at very high temperatures up to 2200°C.

The sensor has the smallest sensing head available in the world at just 14mm diameter x 28mm long and allows the sensor to be installed in the applications where space is at a premium. The separate electronics enclosure provides a full range of outputs and inputs as standard including Voltage, mA and Thermocouple. It is also possible to incorporate an interface card which provides simple integration into your existing process control equipment. Options include Ethernet, Profibus, RS485 and USB interface and Compact Connect software.

Calibration as well as a full range of accessories are available for the Optris Compact infrared pyrometers.

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Optris CT LT infrared non-contact temperature sensor

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  • Miniature Infrared Thermometer with 1.0 μm or 1.6 μm wavelength range for measurements of metals, of secondary metal processing, metal oxides and ceramic materials.
  • Very small sensing head of 14 mm diameter and 28 mm length fits everywhere and is usable up to 125°C ambient temperature without cooling.
  • Temperature ranges from 250°C to 2200°C.
  • Measuring spot sizes from 1.5mm.
  • Response times from 1 ms.
  • Short measuring wavelength of 1.0 μm or 1.6 μm reduces error of temperature readings on surfaces with low, variable or unknown emissivity.
  • High flexibility through choice of analogue outputs or various digital interfaces at the electronic box.
Optris CT miniature sensing head
Optris CTLaser electronics