Our PPL20 series of sensors are evolutions of the traditional temperature probe designs. They are designed to offer the end user a compact design that is easy to use and maintain. The sensor is built around a single piece fabricated stainless steel housing which houses both the sensor and transmitter board. The customer interfaces with the unit via an industry standard DIN43650 or M12 connector. The clean lines and superb build quality make it ideal for use in applications where hygiene is important.

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Compact Temperature Transmitters with Sensors

PPL23-TX Sanitary Temperature Transmitter

Compact Temperature Transmitters with Sensors

Compact Temperature Transmitter PPL22-TX

Compact Temperature Transmitters with Sensors

Compact Temperature Transmitter PPL21-TX

Compact Temperature Transmitters with Sensors

Compact Temperature Transmitter PPL20-TX

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Process Parameters has released its Compact Temperature Transmitter range. The product is styled on pressure transmitter designs and is intended for process applications where traditional terminal head designs are too bulky or are considered to be unhygienic due to their complex shape and dirt traps.

Our Compact Temperature Transmitters have been designed as a direct replacement for probes with terminal heads and can be supplied with either direct PRT output or fitted with a 4-20mA output temperature transmitter pre-ranged to your requirements. Both are housing in a 316 stainless steel probe and housing which has a smooth machined surface ensuring it is easily kept clean during use.

We have also been able to incorporate a wide range of connection types including BSP threads but can also accommodate sanitary type connections such as Tri-Clamp, RJT and IDF making them ideal for brewing, dairy and pharmaceutical applications. We also have a choice of electrical connection including right angled Hirschmann plug and socket and also M12 type connection which are becoming more popular. We also intend to develop an IP69K version for use in high pressure washdown applications.