How a Handheld Infrared Thermometer is Helping a Diabetes Patient

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Case Study: Use of Infrared Thermometers in the Medical Industry

In this case study, we look at how a handheld infrared thermometer has helped a diabetes patient.

The wife of one of our customers has a condition called Charcot Foot, which is a complication arising from diabetes and causes weakness and deformation of the bones of the feet. In some cases, it can lead to ulceration.

The lady in question was required to wear a surgical support boot which relieves the pressure on her foot where an ulcer had developed. Thankfully the treatment was successful, and the ulcer was healing. Clinically her progress was monitored by measuring the temperature difference between her feet.

Once the temperature dropped consistently to less than 2 degrees different, she was told she could dispense by wearing the cumbersome boot. The temperature monitoring was carried out by a podiatrist, who measured the temperature difference every two weeks to determine progress.

The lady’s husband is an honorary research fellow and had already seen an MSPro being used in a clinical environment which led him to think about how he could utilise the technology to support his wife with her recovery. The main issue was that she was struggling with the length of time everything was taking and the fact that in the meantime she had to continue to wear the boot which was restricting her ability to move.

Handheld Diabetes Infrared Thermometer

It was decided that the MSPro could be used every day to measure the temperature difference. The laser sight allows you to take a reading of the exact same point each time. This gave more insight into how rapidly (or slowly) the temperature difference was coming down and ultimately give his wife an important moral boost.

Optris MSPlus Handheld Infrared Thermometer

The MS thermometers are compact in size and lightweight for any diabetes patient. They have a wide temperature range of -32 to 760°C, laser aiming, and optical resolutions of up to 40:1 the Optris MSpro allows the user to carry out accurate non-contact surface measurements.

You can measure objects as small as 13 mm. Just aim at the object, press the trigger and the infrared thermometers will show the temperature in an instant. Functions like MAX and MIN temperature results are shown in the display right away.

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