Measuring the temperature of high temperature and molten metals is one of the most demanding applications for and sensor technology. The Optris range of infrared non-contact temperature sensors has however been designed to overcome the pitfalls often encountered.

Short wavelength sensors ensure that low emissivity materials are handled more easily, providing more accurate measurements that are less dependent on correct or variable emissivity.

High quality, high resolution optics provide small measuring spots even at larger distances. This allows precise measurement whilst the sensor is protected from the arduous conditions within the process.

Optris CTlaser 1M-2M pyrometer temperature sensor suitable for molten metal applications at high temperatures.

Optris CT laser

1M 2M pyrometer temperature sensor

Unique dual laser aiming system of our high performance series permits very quick setup and displays on the object the exact location and size of the measuring spot. If this is not enough then our Video Pyrometers provide you with through the lens video aiming giving the most precise setup ever.

Finally a broad range of standard and optional process outputs and interfaces allow our IR temperature sensors to be integrated with almost all existing process control equipment.

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The simple golden rule for measuring the temperature of high temperature metals is to use the shortest wavelength sensor possible for the temperature required to be measured.

It can be shown that if a material has an unknown or variable emissivity a short wavelength sensor will drastically reduce the potential error due to setting the emissivity incorrectly within the sensor. The chart below shows errors for different wavelength sensors with just a 10% error in emissivity setting.

It can clearly be seen that a 1.0µm wavelength has a much smaller error, in the range 1-2% when compared with say an 8-14µm sensor which can easily exceed 8% at higher temperatures.

At Process Parameters we have the expertise to assist with your sensor selection in low emissivity and high temperature materials including molten metals.

Error for various wavelengths due to incorrect emissivity setting