Optris CTlaser 1M 2M Infrared Temperature Sensor for High Temperature Metals

The Optris CTlaser dual laser sensors offer a greater degree of flexibility in available options. The electronics are housed in a remote enclosure with a selection of output and digital interface options. The electronic box also includes its own digital LCD display showing temperature and alarm conditions. All configuration options are set via the front panel removing the need to use a PC to configure the pyrometer. Shorter wavelength versions are also available specifically designed for use with metals, glass and plastic films.  All Optris CTlaser pyrometers come with a choice of optics to best suit your requirement.


The Optris CTlaser 1M and 2M infrared sensors are ideal for measurements in metal processing and for ceramic materials at medium to very high temperatures. The short wavelength sensitivity of these sensors reduces the effects of very low emissivity. Selectable optics allow you to choose the most appropriate spot size for your application with a smallest spot of 1mm possible. The sensor also has a very fast response time of just 1ms. They have a measuring range of between 250 and 2200°C. It is also easy to connect our innovative USB interface which allows simple configuration and on screen measurement with the included Compact Connect Windows software.


Calibration as well as a full range of accessories are available for the Optris High Performance infrared pyrometers.

CTlaser 1M for high temperature metals

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  • Accurate temperature measurements of metals, secondary metal processing and ceramic materials.
  • Double laser aiming marks real spot size and location at any distance.
  • Optical resolution up to 300:1 with selectable focus.
  • Temperature ranges from 250°C to 2200°C, measuring spots up from 0,45 mm and response times up from 1 ms.
  • Industrial accessories available including cooling jacket and air purge.
  • Usable up to 85°C ambient temperature without cooling and automatic laser switch off at 50°C.
  • Short measuring wavelength of 1 μm or 1.6 μm.
Optris CTlaser sensor head
Optris CTLaser electronics
CTlaser CSlaser Cooling Jacket and Air Purge Collar