OVA Service v1

The comprehensive OVA Customer Service includes the following features:

Assessment – Process Parameters provides solutions to your problems by thoroughly understanding and examining your issue. Thus, we provide customised assessment to meet your needs.

Installation & Implementation – We can either put you in touch with an installation engineer who will ensure the hardware, connectivity and data collection environment is set up properly. Alternatively, some customers prefer to handle the installation themselves or use a third party engineer.

Training – We can also provide training services on site as well via online training courses, in order to familiarise yourself with the system.

Calibration – The measuring module recommends calibration of the OVA devices be done at least every two years as an additional service. Our calibration service offers an automatic delivery of replacement measurement modules when the calibration date approaches. This exchange module calibration system not only prevents any breaks in measurement but is also extremely cost effective. We can also offer an in-house calibration of a measurement module along with its sensor to achieve extreme accuracy, for which your item needs to be sent to us.

Support, Maintenance and Warranty – Comprehensive support, maintenance and warranty are all included in the OVA package.

Contact us for more information on the OVA system or for a quotation.