The OVA Network Service consists of Ovaport, a cloud based software, which can either be used in a web browser or in a mobile phone application. Each user can have their own personal login ID.

Key Highlights

Data collection package – The data collection package is designed following a three step structure which includes the object, measuring point and measuring channel. One can also assign special features such as setting alarms, address information, operation instructions and many more.

Data Collection and Recording – The collected data is stored in the measurement channels for the agreed period and backups are run daily in order to protect your data.

Data Monitoring – The collected data can be accessed anytime during the storing period. One can also adjust the review period from three hours to several months.  Alerts and tasks are displayed as separate lists.

Data Reporting –  Custom designed templates can be created for reporting data as per your requirements and the reports are available in Excel as well as PDF formats.

Alerts and Tasks – The Alerts and Tasks are displayed very clearly at the user interface and can also be sent via SMS and/or email. Emergency on call shifts and message recipients can be customised as per your requirements.

Why not take a look for yourself:

Login with Username: sales@processparameters  Password:UtRSpE

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