Process Parameters have always been keen to work with our customers to develop products that meet our customers requirements in every way. Our own temperature probe products are a great example of this policy in action. All of our sensors are made to order to meet the needs of our customers application.

PPL2 temperature probe with fixed process connection threadThis was put to the test when our Managing Director was visiting one of our Thermal Imaging Camera customers. This customer is involved in the testing of automotive cooling products for high end manufacturers and motorsport including Formula One teams. Having dealt with the business at hand it was noted that the customer had a variety of temperature probes on site. Of course, we had to ask for the opportunity to quote.

Our customer explained that they had tried a variety of manufacturers, all very well-known names in the UK marketplace and well respected. We were also told that no matter which he used, the life of the sensors was well below par. Despite returning sensors to the supplier no progress had been made on achieving a reasonable life.

Not one to turn down a challenge our MD was given a sample platinum resistance thermometer probe against which to offer a quotation and review the design. Our pricing was competitive, beating all the other manufacturers without knowledge of their prices.

PPL3 temperature probe with terminal headWe were also able to make some suggestions to improve the working life of the sensors. None of this was particularly innovative but simply involved an attention to detail at the points of the sensor which were known to be weak points. We also applied proven techniques to reduce strain on the sensor.

Our customer decided to place a trial order and as well as saving money, they now have a batch of sensors which are working well and giving the customer the performance they expect.

In addition to offering probes with improved performance for a lower cost we were also able to service a request for a temperature probe with one Pt100 and one Thermocouple housed in the same probe stem. This was to provide a signal to two separate instruments from one port in the test rig.

All in all a highly satisfied customer with all their demands met.

Process Parameters may not be as well-known as some names, but we are certainly highly respected by our customers. Why not give us a try? You may be surprised. Contact us now.