New Optris Xi400 Combined IR Sensor & Camera

The newly developed Optris Xi 400 Thermal Imaging Camera combines the benefits of a robust, compact pyrometer and an advanced Infrared Camera for the first time giving you more information and control about your process than any other temperature sensor. Process optimisation is made easier leading to production cost savings.

The Xi 400 has a video recording frame of 80 Hz which allows for the monitoring and control of high speed thermal processes. It even includes a line-scanning function for continuous processes such as paper, films or carpets.

This 382 x 288 pixels combined IR sensor and camera is so compact it can easily fit into the palm of your hand, and comes with a mounting nut and bracket. The Xi 400 is also supplied with the new free Optris PIX Connect software, which has the same features as the former PI Connect, along with some new which make integration with your system extremely simple.

The Xi 400 covers the temperature range -20 °C to 900 °C and comes with a choice of optics including the new 80° lens for wide target areas. There is also a handy motorised focus to ensure that no matter where the camera is fixed, a pin sharp image can be achieved with ease.

In addition to standard USB plug and play functionality, this industrial imager can optionally use GigE Ethernet communication. A process interface provides a further three analogue outputs, two analogue inputs and a digital input to aid integration with PLC’s, controllers and data loggers.

Very attractively priced, this unit is perfect for OEM applications and for spot temperature sensor replacements.

PI Thermal Imaging Camera Applications

What are the areas of application for the Optris Xi 400?

The integrated spot finder function identifies the hottest (or coldest) spot in the image and automatically communicates these measurements without an external PC. The Xi 400 Industrial Imager is versatile and perfectly suited for a multitude of measuring tasks, e.g. mechanical engineering or multi-sensor applications. Autonomous operation brings thermal imaging to a much wider range of applications and the Xi series will be attractive to machine builders and end users alike.

If you require a lower resolution (80 x 80 pixels) take a look at the Xi 80.

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  • Industrial imager with 382 x 288 pixels for exact temperature measurement of -20 °C … 900 °C.
  • 80 Hz frame rate for monitoring of fast thermal processes.
  • Distance-to-spot-size ratio up to 390:1 with sighting capabilities.
  • Autonomous operation with automatic spot finder and direct analogue output – ideal for OEM use.
  • Optional stackable industrial process interface with up to 3 analogue or alarm outputs.
  • Extensive ready-to-use package for an attractive price – including versatile image processing software and connection cables.