Optris CS LT15 Infrared Temperature Sensor

Optris Gmbh have released a new improved CS LT Infrared Temperature Sensor.

Replacing the old LT 10, the new improved CS LT 15 offer additional and improved features at the same price before. The measuring range is now -40 to +1030°C covering a much wider range of applications. The optics have also been improved to a ratio of 15:1 from 10:1 giving smaller sensing spot sizes. A new feature is the addition of an LED mounted in the sensor casing which gives the user useful information such aiming assistance, alarm condition and so on.

General Specifications

Ambient temperature: -20°C to 80°C
Storage temperature: -20°C to 85°C
Relative humidity: 10 – 95%, non condensing
Vibration: IEC 68-2-6: 3 G, 11-200 Hz,any axis
Shock:IEC 68-2-27: 50 G, 11 ms,any axis
Weight:58 g

Electrical Specifications

Output/analog Selectable: 0-5 V or 0-10 V free scalable or thermocouple type K / alarm with adjustable voltage levels
Output/alarm:0-30 V/50 mA (open collector)
3-state alarm output:adjustable threshold values andvoltage level for: no alarm, pre-alarm,alarm
Output/digital:uni/bidirectional, 9.6 kBaud, 0/3 V digital level/USB optional
Input (0-10V):programmable functional input for external emissivity setting/ambient temperature adjustment, triggered signal output or peak-hold function
LED-functions:alarm indication, automatic aiming support, self diagnostic, temperature indication (via. temp.code)
Cable length:1 m (standard), 3 m, 8 m, 15 m
Power supply: 5-30 V DC
Current draw: 4 mA (without LED)/10 mA

List price is an extremely competitive £145.00 £95.00 and Process Parameters has the new sensor available for delivery from stock. For more details please contact us.