Glass bottle taken with PI640 G7
Optris PI640 G7 Thermal Imaging Camera

Glass manufacturing using PI640 G7

New VGA Resolution Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera for the Glass industry

The Optris PI640 G7 has been especially designed to take accurate thermal images of glass.

This high resolution infrared camera has a measurement range of 200°C-1500°C, and can record up to 125 frames per second.  Glass exhibits a distinctly higher emissivity in the wavelength of 5.0μm or 7.9μm than at measurements in the long wave range. Therefore, with a spectral range of 7.9 μm, and VGA resolution, the PI640 G7 camera is suitable for a variety of applications in the glass industry, such as flat glass and container glass production.

A similar model with lower resolution is provided by the PI450 G7.

The small dimensions make them ideal for mounting in the smallest of spaces whilst they are robust enough for the most arduous of applications.

The camera has a line scanning function which is essential in the production of glass ribbons and glass panes, and offers numerous possibilities for controlling and documenting the process.

A new leasing scheme is now available for the full range of Optris thermal imaging cameras.  To avoid an upfront capital outlay just spread the cost with monthly or quarterly payments over two or three years.

As with all of our Optris PI cameras, the PI640 G7 uses our PI Connect software package that gives you quick and easy access to all of the features of your camera.

We offer lenses for short and standard distances. Use the Optris Optics Calculator to help chose the right lens for your camera based on the distance you wish to measure from, and the associated measurement field sizes:

HFOV (Horizontal Field of View) : Horizontal dimension of the total measuring field at object level.
VFOV (Vertical Field of View) : Vertical dimension of the total measuring field at object level.
DFOV (Diagonal Field of View) : Diagonal dimension of the total measuring field at object level.
IFOV (Instantaneous Field of View) : Dimensional size of a single pixel at object level
MFOV (Measured Field of View) :  Smallest measured object size based on a 3×3 pixel arrangement.

A full range of accessories and calibration is available for each Optris thermal imager.

Contact to request a quotation, demonstration or for leasing option details.


Temperature range: 200°C-1500°C.
Spectral range: 7.9 µm.
Frame rate: 32 Hz/125 Hz @ 650 x 120 pixels
Line scan function included in the Free PI Connect Software
Field of View: 15°, 33°,  60° and 90°.
Optical resolution: 640 x 480 pixels.
Sensitivity: 130mK
Dimensions: (46 x 56 x 90 mm3) with a weight of 320 g (incl. lens).
Max. scan angle of 111° with 800 pixels per line. 

Technical Data