Status Instruments DM640 indicator

Status Instruments DM640 with SCH15 housing


DM640 Battery Powered Digital Thermometer.

The DM640 range of battery powered thermometers accept signals from either Pt100 or Thermocouple sensor and displays the temperature on its LCD display.

The unit has been designed for easy operation and is configured by push button and a simple to follow menu system. This allows the user to re-configure the unit on site without the need for additional calibration or configuration equipment.

Two housings are available, the first is a low cost ABS plastic and the second a high quality polished stainless steel. Both are rated IP67 and offer the user a choice of connection types and positions depending on whether the indicator is to be sensor or surface mounted.

ATEX versions are available for use with the ABS housing.

The indicators are ideal for use with our PPL3, PPL4, PPL5 and PPL6 temperature sensors.


Pt100 and Thermocouple Versions.
Battery Powered.
Sensor, Remote or Wall Mounted versions.
Push Button configuration.
4 digit LCD display.
IP67 environmental protection.
ABS or Stainless Steel housing.
ATEX versions.

Specifications @ 20°C

Display: 4 digit LCD
Ambient: DM640 (-10 to 70) °CDM640X(-10 to 50) °C
Battery Type: 3.6 V Lithium AA 2.4 Ahr replaceable
Battery Life: 1 year minimum @ 20 °C
‘Battery Low’ Alarm: Via display.
Connection: 3 terminal screw block.
Configuration: Security Passcode protected
Environmental Rating: IP67 when in appropriate enclosure
I.S Approval: ATEX II 1GD EEx ia IIC T4(Option) ABS Housing only.
Accuracy: ±0.2°C ±0.1% of reading.
Measuring Range: -100 to 800°C.
Accuracy: ±0.1% of full scale ±0.5°C.
Measuring Range: -200 to 1800°C.

Mechanical Drawings

DM640 drawing

Ordering Code

DM640 ordering code