DM660 Battery Powered Thermometer.

The DM660 is a development of the DM640 battery powered indicator and provides a high accuracy digital readout from an RTD sensor.

The mounting of the instrument in the larger 100mm ‘Dial Gauge’ enclosure enables 20mm high digits to be used providing good readability from 20 metres. Probe entry thread is M16 x 1.5mm.

Also, the DM660 has an in-built Max / Min process temperature feature which is read by pressing the appropriate buttons on the front panel.

Typical applications

Tank temperature
Oil Temperature
Machine bearing temperature
Pipe temperature
Vehicle load temperature
Dairy and brewing applications

The thermometer is ideal for use with a variety of our temperature sensors include rigid stem and flying lead styles such as PPL1, PPL3 and PPL5.


Suitable for Pt100,Ni100,Cu53,Cu100 temperature sensors.
20 mm LCD Display for good readability.
Max/Min Process Temperature.
Sensor, Wall or Panel Mount Housing Options.
Stainless Steel Construction (100 mm diameter).
IP65 Enclosure.
Can be supplied fitted to our temperature sensors.

Specifications @ 20°C

Sensor Type: RTD Pt100, Ni100, Ni120, Cu53, Cu100
Display: 4 digit LCD, 20 mm high
Ambient Operating: (-10 to 50) °C
Battery Type: 3.6 V Lithium AA 2.4 Ahr replaceable
Battery Life: 1 year minimum @ 20 °C
‘Battery Low’ Alarm: Via display.
Display Update: 2 Seconds.
CE: EMC to BS EN 61326:2006
Connection: 3 terminal screw block.
Environmental Protection: IP65.

Range and Accuracy

DM660 Accuracy

Mechanical Drawings

DM660 Dimensions

Ordering Code

DM660 Ordering Code