Optris P20 handheld infrared thermometer

Optris P20 handheld infrared thermometer


Optris P20 LT Hand Held Infrared Thermometer

The Optris P20 are among the highest performance hand held infrared thermometers available. Their wide temperature and high optical resolution make them suitable for the most demanding of applications. All P20 thermometers include the innovative Optris dual laser aiming system which gives you both the location of the measuring and also its size at any distance. Also included is a scope for accurate aiming. Each model is packed with lots of useful features, and comes with a USB port making it very simple to connect to a PC and utilise the Optris Connect Report Software  that gives you graphical data in real time.

The Optris P20 LT is the general purpose model in the range and is suitable for many applications. It has a wide measurement range of 0 to 1300°C. It also has an excellent optical resolution of 120:1 giving you very small measuring spot sizes even at large distances.

For higher temperature ranges and models for metals please see P20 1M/2M and P20 05M.


Temperature range from 0°C to 1300°C
High optical resolution 120:1
Precise aiming with laser and scope sighting
Adjustable emissivity from 0.100 – 1.000
MAX/MIN function and audible and visible HIGH-/LOW-alarm
USB interface, free Optris Connect Software
Data logger for 2000 measured values
Extremely lightweight

General Specifications

Ambient temperature: 0°C – 50°C
Storage temperature: -20°C – 60°C (no battery)
Relative humidity: 10 – 95%, non condensing
Weight: 1000g

Measurement Specifications

Temperature ranges: 8 – 14 μm
Spectral range: -20°C – 60°C (no battery)
Optical resolution: 120:1
System accuracy (at Tamb = 23 ± 5°C): ±1% or ±2°C (1)
Repeatability: ±0,5% or ±1°C) (1)
Response time: 300ms
Emissivity (adjustable): 0.100 – 1.000
Sighting: Double laser class II (
Sighting scope: All models
Signal processing: MAX/MIN, Scan/Hold function
Alarm functions: Audible and visible HIGH/LOW alarm
Data storage: 2000 values
LCD backlight: Three color alarm indication
Software: Optris Connect

1) whichever is greater

Electrical Specification

Output/digital: USB interface
Power: Ni-MH rechargeable battery
Battery lifetime: 5 h laser and backlight on 25 h without laser and backlight
AC Adapter: 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Optical Specification

Optris P20 optical specification

Adaptable Display

Optris P20 display

Optris Connect Software

Optris P20 software