Optris PI450 / PI400 High Resolution Thermal Imaging Cameras

Ultra compact high resolution infrared thermal imagers

The Optris PI400 and Optris PI450 offer a step change in performance over other similar products.

They are the smallest infrared cameras in their class making them ideal for mounting in the smallest of spaces whilst they are robust enough for the most arduous of applications.

The higher resolution gives a higher quality image on the screen and enables the user to monitor the smallest of objects. Recording speed, whilst slower than the PI160, is still a healthy 80 frames per second.

The PI450 has a sensitivity of 40mK, the highest of any camera in this price bracket, making it ideal in medical applications and the like where temperature varies even just very slightly. The definition is so good that individual veins under the skin are visible.

new leasing scheme is now available for the full range of Optris thermal imaging cameras.  To avoid an upfront capital outlay just spread the cost with monthly or quarterly payments over two or three years.

As with all of our Optris PI cameras, the PI400 and PI450 use our PI Connect software package that gives you quick and easy access to all of the features of your camera.

We offer lenses for close, standard and long distances, as well as a microscope optic (PI450 only). Use the Optris Optics Calculator to help chose the right lens for your Optris PI400 or PI450 camera based on the distance you wish to measure from, and the associated measurement field sizes:

HFOV (Horizontal Field of View) : Horizontal dimension of the total measuring field at object level.
VFOV (Vertical Field of View) : Vertical dimension of the total measuring field at object level.
DFOV (Diagonal Field of View) : Diagonal dimension of the total measuring field at object level.
IFOV (Instantaneous Field of View) : Dimensional size of a single pixel at object level
MFOV (Measured Field of View) :  Smallest measured object size based on a 3×3 pixel arrangement.

A full range of accessories and calibration is available for each Optris thermal imager.

Advance thermal camera available from leading supplier

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  • Temperature range: -20°C to 900°C (PI400 only: optional up to 1500°C).
  • Spectral range: 7.5 to 13 µm.
  • Frame rate: 80 Hz.
  • Field of View: 13°, 38°, 62°and 80°.
  • Optical resolution: 382 x 288 pixels.
  • Sensitivity: PI400 – 80mK, PI450 – 40mK
  • Smallest camera in its class (46 x 56 x 90 mm3) with a weight of 320 g (incl. lens).
PI400 hand thermal image
PI450 hand thermal image
Optris thermal camera cooling jacket with air purge