A new leasing scheme is now available for the full range of Optris thermal imaging cameras.  To avoid an upfront capital outlay just spread the cost with monthly or quarterly payments over two or three years.

We offer exactly the same service as if you’d purchased the infrared camera outright including a two year manufacturer’s warranty, and can of course provide service outside of the warranty as necessary. Most camera accessories can also be added to the lease. Please note that the hardware must be returned to the leasing company at the end of the agreement, at which point simply start again with a new lease and a brand new camera, taking advantage of the very latest product developments.

The Optris PI series covers a range of highly versatile infrared thermal imaging cameras to suit a multitude of Industrial Process and R&D applications, providing real time thermal images and video:

  • – With full frame video recording speeds of up to 120 Hz making them ideal for fast moving processes.
  • – Optical resolution of up to 764 x 480 pixels.
  • – Available with optional temperature ranges up to 1800°C.
  • – Range includes high resolution and VGA resolution cameras.
  • – Different wave length cameras designed for use with glass and metals.
  • – LightWeight Kits for use with drones.

Contact sales@processparameters.co.uk for further information about leasing any of these cameras.