Optris PI Thermal Imaging Cameras

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Optris PI640 thermal imaging camera

Thermal Imaging in Automotive Industry


Optris PI450 Lightweight Thermal Imaging Camera for UAV

Thermal Imaging in Electronics Industry

The Optris PI series of thermal imaging cameras are designed to bring the benefits of the technology to a wider range of applications than ever before. By utilising thermal imaging in your application, it is possible to learn more than ever about your process. The compact, robust design makes the cameras just as suitable for continuous process measurement and quality control as they are for R&D applications.

Each of the cameras in the range possesses different features and we are sure to have a camera in our range to fit your requirements. So whether you require a high speed camera such as our PI160 operating at 120 frames per second or our bispectral PI200; or a highly sensitive camera such as our PI450 which has a thermal sensitivity of just 40mK; or maybe you need very high resolution, this can be provided by the PI640 with full VGA resolution. We even supply Lightweight versions for mounting on UAV/RPAS aircraft for performing thermal surveys of buildings, solar farms and agriculture amongst many other applications. For specific surfaces the PI450 G7 (high resolution) and PI640 G7 (VGA resolution) have  been designed especially for glass applications, whilst the short wavelength PI 1M is for use with metals.

A new leasing scheme is now available for the full range of Optris thermal imaging cameras.  To avoid an upfront capital outlay just spread the cost with monthly or quarterly payments over two or three years.

All of the PI infrared cameras offer fully radiometric video recording and snapshot functions through our free comprehensive software package PI Connect. The software will run on any Windows PC including XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and is provided completely free of charge with your camera. Future updates are also provided for free. PI Connect is leading the way in terms of thermal analysis software and is fully configurable for your application to provide you with the data you need when you need it.

For more information on each of the cameras, PI Connect software and the various accessories that are available please follow the links below.

Optris PI160 thermal video of drop into coffee cup from Process Parameters Ltd on Vimeo.

Optris PI400 Lightweight UAV Drone Thermal Video from Process Parameters Ltd on Vimeo.

Optris PI160 High Speed Thermal Imaging Camera

Our entry level PI160 infrared camera comes with a resolution of 160×120 pixels (each of which is a discrete temperature sensor) and an extremely high recording rate of 120 frames per second. Being small, robust and great value for money, it is ideal for use in continuous condition monitoring applications where the alternative is installing a large number of individual sensors.

Optris PI200 Bi-Spectral Thermal Imaging Cameras

The bi-spectral PI200 displays an infrared image with a visual image, allowing you to overlay infrared images onto visual images.  It is particularly useful for locating hot spots on complex equipment such as highly populated PCB boards where identification of problem components is difficult on a pure infrared image. The PI230 offers a narrower field of view for the visual camera.

Optris PI400 & PI450 High Resolution Thermal Imaging Cameras

The PI400 & PI450 high resolution thermal imagers come with 382 x 288 pixels whilst still recording 80 frames per second. The PI450 with the highest temperature sensitivity of 40mK is ideal for research projects where the slightest temperature change is important.

Optris PI450 G7 Thermal Imager for Glass

The PI450 G7 infrared camera with line scanner function has been designed specifically for the glass industry.  With a spectral range of 7.9µm and 382 x 288 pixels, it can withstand ambient temperatures of up to 70°C without additional cooling.

Optris PI 1M Short Wavelength Infrared Camera for use with Metals

The Optris PI 1M short wavelength and ultra compact thermal imaging camera has been specifically designed for non-contact temperature measurement of metallic surfaces, graphite or ceramics.

Optris PI Lightweight Kit Thermal Imaging Cameras for drone and UAV applications

The PI400, PI450 and PI640 Lightweight infrared cameras combine a re-engineered version of the high resolution PI400, PI450 and PI640 cameras along with an ultra lightweight miniaturised Windows PC providing a complete thermal imaging package for use in small UAV and Drone applications. Full radiometric video recording out of the box!

Optris PI NetBox Miniaturised PC for use with PI Series

The Optris PI NetBox Miniaturised PC provides a standalone solution and can also act as a USB to Ethernet adapter. If space is tight, or you don’t have room to connect to a PC, you can instead connect an Optris PI camera to an Optris PI NetBox.

Optris PI640 VGA Thermal Imaging Cameras

The PI640 is the smallest measuring VGA infrared camera in the world.  With 640 x 480 pixels and radiometric video recording with 32Hz, the Optris PI640 brings you thermography in VGA resolution.

Optris PI640 G7 VGA Thermal Imager for Glass

The NEW PI640 G7 VGA infrared camera with line scanner function has been designed specifically for the glass industry.  With a spectral range of 7.9µm and 640 x 480 pixels, it can record up to 125 frames a second.

Optris PI Connect Thermal Analysis Software

Optris PI Connect software is supplied for free with each Optris PI thermal imaging camera, so you can gather temperature data from your process in real time or with recorded data. The thermal imager has to be connected to a PC via a USB connection for both powering the camera and transferring data to the PC. A stand alone alternative can be achieved by connection to the Optris PI NetBox minitiarised computer.

Optris USB Server Gigabit

The New USB Server Gigabit provides long distance control of infrared cameras. Acting as a USB to Ethernet adapter, it bridges distances greater than 20 meters between the PC and the Optris PI thermal imaging camera as well as Optris CTvideo / CSvideo pyrometers.

Optris Industrial Process Interface (PIF)

The newly developed Industrial Process Interface (PIF)  permits automatic process monitoring,  providing continuous in-operation control of  the Optris PI infrared camera hardware with all cable connections,  and the free Optris PI Connect software. The PIF allows fail-safe monitoring of all the Optris PI range of cameras, except the PI200/PI230,  with a connected PLC.

Outdoor Protective Housing

The new Outdoor Protective Housing provides universal protection for Optris PI infrared cameras when used outside. The system comes with an integrated air purge collar and temperature adjustment allowing for 24/7 use. A USB Server Gigabit can also be housed for integration into control systems over large outdoor distances.


Optris infrared thermal imaging cameras are supplied as either a standard package or a thermal analysis kit, depending on your requirements. Each package contains everything you need to get started. No additional extras are necessary and many customers work very well with just the standard package which contains one lens, cables, mini tripod, aluminium carry case, PI Connect software and manual. The Thermal Analysis Package adds additional lenses, larger tripod along with additional USB cables for greater flexibility.

Protection for high ambient temperatures

Without additional protection, each of our thermal imaging cameras is suitable for use up to 50°C ambient temperature. For applications where this may be exceeded we offer a cooling jacket which allows use up to 240°C when water cooled (100°C with air). We can also supply other environmental protection equipment and high temperature USB cables.

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